Steam 2.10

PC client for the Valve marketplace
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Manage your game library, access the marketplace, trade titles or in-game items, make gifts, install mods and play the games that you own. From a social standpoint, make new friends, create clans and groups and chat via text or voice.

Steam is a gaming platform with everything a gamer would want. Steam's interface is somewhat similar to Windows Explorer. It allows users to browse through all the games available and download demos, trailers, or the complete game. Once a game is downloaded through Valve's Steam, users can use Steam's multi-player service and choose an opponent from the nearly million and a half users online all the time. That improves the odds of finding the right opponent. What is great about this service is that one can purchase a game and download it from the comfort of his own home. The game can be downloaded as many times as the user wants and is attached to his Steam account. That means that games can be played on any computer; it just takes a little while to download them. This is a service aimed at high-speed Internet users. Gamers will also get automatic updates for their favorite games and statistics that show how they play and how well they do it. There is a service called "Friends" that allows users to communicate in-game with everyone on that multi-player match. Steam users get special offers and discounts. The multi-player game browser allows the user to go through thousands of Internet games seamlessly. This is a great application/service for gamers.

José Fernández
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  • Allows the user to purchase games on-line and download them instantly
  • Great support for multi-player
  • Tons of users waiting to challenge you
  • Provides gaming statistics


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